Grades I to V

For Grades I to V an entry admission test in English, Urdu and Mathematics will be conducted combined with an interview with the Parents/Guardian. Both the parents must be present at the time of interview. Admission will be granted, subject to clearing of interviews and entry assessments. For further details on admissions kindly contact the relevant school office.

Entry Requirements

At Early Years an informal assessment is conducted combined with an interview with the Parents/Guardian. Generally, vocabulary and recognition of letters and numbers, concepts of colors and shapes including clarity of speech and language skills are assessed. The confidence and development of motor skills and mannerism of the child is also taken into consideration – how the child sits, walks and talks.

AGS School Uniform

The children in our school are expected to wear a uniform. This enables everyone to have the same standard of dress and shows equality throughout the school. The AGS uniform includes:

Girls: Pre-School – Grade V

Pre-School – Grade II

Pre-School – Grade II

Pre-School – Grade II

Boys: Pre-School – Grade V

Regular school uniform with AGS logo

PE Uniform with AGS logo

School timings, terms and holidays

Academic terms for Early Years to Grade V:

Parents as partners in education must take school attendance and punctuality very seriously. It is very important that students attend school regularly and arrive on time in order to ensure smooth running of school routine. If, for any reason, students are unable to attend school, the school office must be notified through a phone call or a text message.